Staying safe this holiday season.

With the holidays quickly approaching, its easy to become distracted and feel overrun. We let the little things slide and rush to get our homes and families in order for winter visitors and travel. We also start spending quite a bit of money on gifts, clothes, decorations, and everything else that comes with making the season feel just right.  With the help of these simple tips, you can make sure everything stays feeling that way!

1. BAGS IN THE TRUNK. Always. It can take less than 10 seconds for someone to smash a window, grab your bags, and walk away. Running out of room? Make a second trip. I know it's annoying, but it's better than losing all of your new purchases. 

2. TAKE YOUR PURSE. You brought it with you- take it with you. Purses are gold mines for thieves. If you don't plan on taking it in the store with you, lock it in the trunk BEFORE you leave the house. 

3. HIDE ELECTRONICS. Aux cables, phone chargers, gaming devices... all are easy swipes. While you may think cables aren't anything to worry about, they can lead thieves into believing there are far more valuable things tucked away in the glove box.

4. PARK NEAR LIGHTS OR BUSY AREAS. If you're going to be out at night, plan ahead. Busy areas and lights deter thieves.

5. CALL J. ROYCE. Things happen. We want to make sure we get you back in action as soon as possible when they do. That's why we're offering $25 OFF any door or side glass replacement from November 15 - December 31. 

Don't let the little things dampen your spirits this holiday season. Keep your family safe and happy, and keep J. Royce Auto Glass in mind for all of your repair and replacement needs.  We are always happy to help, and will do whatever we can to keep you safe. 

Find out other ways to keep your family safe this winter here. 

Blake Evans
J. Royce Auto Glass