Winter is coming...

With the snow quickly approaching, we though it would be a good time to talk about ice and snow removal. Now, there isn't much you can do to prevent your car from being covered in all of that wonderful white powder. But you CAN control how you remove it. Check out a few simple tips to make your mornings easier and avoid doing damage to your vehicle. 

1. WIPERS UP. Some people swear by this, and I have to agree. While it won't prevent your car from getting covered in ice and snow, it will certainly help in the cleaning process. Leaving your wipers up the evening before a snow or freezing rain prevents them from being covered and frozen to the windshield. This allows you to clear the glass without obstacles, and keeps your blades from being smacked into with the ice scraper.

2. START EARLY. An obvious one, but nevertheless. Allow your vehicle to run for 10 minutes or so before you bring out the scraper. If you have remote start, its a few clicks of a button. Otherwise, bundle up and run outside. It takes just a second and will make your life much easier. Allowing your car to warm up before you drive it is actually good for the engine as well. Just be cautious of letting it run too long-- we want to keep mother nature happy, too.  

3. ICE SCRAPERS. Get one- a good one that you like- and use ONLY that. This isn't the time to get fancy or rig something up. It may work short term, but you could be setting yourself up for bigger problems. Every year we see broken credit cards (using the card as a scraper) and damaged glass from tons of different, unapproved tools (plastic scraps, shovels, kitchen utensils). 

4. BE GENTLE. Under all of that snow and ice is a piece of glass. And while that glass is incredibly sturdy and durable, it can still break. Or be chipped. Or scratch. Don't let the ice get the best of you. Take your time, thaw the vehicle out, and do not try and chop or chisel the ice. Remember, its an ice scraper, not the hammer of Thor.

5. COVERS. While I've never personally used one, there are several windshield covers on the market. Maybe this is right for you? I would recommend doing some research and asking around before you make an investment. 

We know the mornings are already hard. Don't let the weather this season make them any harder. Take a few extra minutes to ensure you don't wind up with a bigger, more expensive problem because you were in a hurry. And be sure to check out our tips for a safe holiday shopping experience. 

Happy holidays from all of us at J. Royce Auto Glass!

Blake Evans
J Royce Auto Glass