Have a small chip in your windshield? We can help!

Using a system of resins, we will restore the structural integrity of your windshield, lessen the visibility of the damage, and save you from having to replace the entire glass.  We start by clearing out the broken glass and releasing air trapped within the damaged area. This allows the resin to flow into and seal up the cracks. Once sealed, the area is capped with a second resin, cured, and polished. If you have a small chip, a windshield repair is for you!



Have a broken windshield, door glass, or back glass? We've got you covered!

With over 20 years of combined experience, you can trust your vehicle is in good hands at J. Royce. Fully licensed and insured master technicians will come directly to you, providing excellent service at an affordable rate. Our LIFETIME parts and labor warranty protects you and your vehicle. You can also feel good about protecting the environment-- J. Royce Auto Glass recycles all of our used glass parts and materials! Don't wait, call today to get a quote and schedule an appointment. 


We accept work from all insurance companies! Simply give us a call, and we will take it from there. All you pay is your comprehensive deductible. For those with $0-150 deductibles, this is a great way to save money! This will NOT raise your rates. If you have a high deductible, we can help!

Residents in Kentucky: your replacement is covered through your insurance!

Don't pay more. Let J. Royce handle your claim today and we will have you back in business in no time! Call today to get your appointment scheduled!

Removal and Reinstallation

Removal and reinstallation

Restoring a vehicle or need to do some body work? Give us a call!

We offer the option to pull and replace a glass parts as projects dictate. Body restoration, rust removal, leaks. Call to discuss options and let J. Royce get your vehicle back on the road!